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Slow down. Find your pace. Then speed up.

Sophie Devonshire, CEO of The Caffeine Partnership, shares her secrets on managing energy levels and why pace is more important than productivity.

#AskCharlie: how to get people to take their holidays

“We have an unlimited holiday policy but many of our team take well below the statutory allowance. How should we encourage healthy holiday habits?”

CultureLab: being grateful as a company

Can expressing gratitude in the workplace transform your team’s interactions?

Hard work and no play makes for startup success

Revolut's founder on the hours he puts in, and expecting the same from his team.

#AskCharlie: sharing when the going gets tough

"Our business is going through a tough time financially. How transparent should we be with the team about the situation?"

Introducing the CharlieHR CultureLab

Find out why we’re testing ideas that will shape a new world of better work.

Dogs, pigs and dragons: how not to do office pets

What happens when dogs just don't bring home the bacon, as told by Dragon Nick Jenkins.

Would you pay every member of your team the same salary?

No raises, no negotiations: here’s what happens when salaries are equal.

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